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Project Completion Date: December 2018

Project Budget: $24,000

Services involved: Electrical and Hydraulic.

Shamrock Electrics is proud to have been involved in the construction of the 21 storey, 138 apartment Crest Apartments building project located adjacent to the Burswood casino and Optus stadium precinct. Approaching completion of the apartment project, Triple T Plumbing and Gas, the main hydraulic contractor, became aware that the electrical installation portion for the hot water plant had been omitted from the building specification and engaged Shamrock Electrics to provide a comparative price to complete them. Due to the time constraints of the completion of the apartment project, the hydraulic contractor required an immediate price and confirmation on the capability to complete the works within two weeks from the date of enquiry. Shamrock Electrics were able to provide a cost estimate the same day and, after a site inspection, were asked to carry out the works immediately. Shamrock Electrics were able to source all the necessary material, including specialised distribution board ex Sydney, and appropriate labour to meet the two week deadline for completion of the electrical installation of the hot water plant.

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